FY Organization Use of Grant Funds JPY
2018 Operation Smiles Thailand Give financial support to dispatch medical volunteers so that economically challenged children suffering from cleft lips and/or cleft palates can receive free surgeries 1 mil.
2016 DDD foundation
(Donft Drive Drunk Foundation)
Fund the donations of helmets to school children, which aim to raise family members' awareness of how dangerous riding motorbikes while drunk is, and the importance of helmet use. 900,000

Association for Independent Living of People With Disability (AILD)

Fund improvements to access to and usage of facilities at local markets as part of a project to improve the local environment for people with disabilities

  Health and Share Foundation

Fund a treatment support project for people living with HIV

2014 Deaf Association of Bangkok Fund production of a Guidebook to Promote Understanding in Communication Between Healthcare Professionals and People Hearing Impairments, and distribution of the guidebooks to medical institutions 900,000
2013 Foundation of Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability (APCD) Fund activities promoting participation in society and employment of people with disabilities through a café  on the grounds of the Thailand Ministry of Social Development and Human Security 950,000
2012 Foundation for Women Fund leadership training for group activities promoting the human rights of women and girls 1 mil.
2012 Autistic Thai Chonburi Center Fund equine therapy, art and sewing classes, and other projects of the support center for children with autism 500,000
2011 Foundation for Children with Disabilities Purchase computer equipment customized for rehabilitation and learning by people with cerebral palsy 1 mil.