FY Organization Use of Grant Funds JPY
2021 Home Nursing Foundation (HNF) To provide comprehensive home care and health care services for elderly people in poverty who need home care. 1 mil.
2020 Handicaps Welfare AssociationiHWAj provide transportation services to people with mobility-related disabilities 1 mil.
2018 Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) Set up the provident fund that helps economically challenged children with Down syndrome to have more opportunities for education and skill learning to live more independently 1 mil.
2017 Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore) (MDAS) Provide transport service using specialized vehicles to people with muscular dystrophy so that they can go to school and attend medical appointments periodically. 840,000
2016 Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped
Fund programs to offer rehabilitation and care services at a center for elderlies with visual disabilities. 800,000
2015 SPD Fund wheelchair upgrades to boost the workplace productivity of people with physical disabilities and to acquire containers and pallets needed for packing operations 900,000
2013 Autism Association Fund a program to build physical strength and self-control (health management) through sports 1 mil.
2012 Singapore Disability Sports Council Fund a children's disability swim meet for children with disability to promote sports for the disabled 500,000